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Located at the heart of the Indian startup system, Ellenox helps build the next generation of tech startups. If you're looking for a comprehensive list of services, you're in the wrong place. Ellenox just helps you do what you need to do, to succeed.

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Our Portfolio

Ellenox is a community. Every founder is an equal partner,

and we're deeply invested in their success.


A new-age dating app for South Asians.


The future of monetization for creators.

Open Links Golf

A network for golfers worldwide.


A New York based social app to make deeper connections within your local network.

Guiding Patients

Helping patients find after-hospital care facilities across the US.

Havoc Therapy

A platform to have conversations with mental health professionals, and vent to trained listeners.


An app that helps new investors build their wealth through a guided process.


An app that helps make authentic IRL connections.


A social impact startup for managing women's hygiene products in rural areas.


Discover & connect to local mental health professionals. Manage appointments and medications in one place. 

Scores n Ranks

A gamified platform to practice tests for major Indian exams.


A Puerto Rican freelancer community and hiring platform.

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