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Located at the heart of the Indian startup system, Ellenox helps build the next generation of tech startups. If you're looking for a comprehensive list of services, you're in the wrong place. Ellenox just helps you do what you need to do, to succeed.

We are


Product lab. Incubator. Fund. We have been called many things.

But we're just a few humans trying to kindle a spark, and a culture, of innovation.

The Why

Innovation is the heart of good culture.

India has been a powerhouse from the days of the Indus Valley civilization. From philosophy to mathematics and chess, even the Ancient Greeks referenced the innovations of India in their works.

We recognize that the India of today is not the same India. But we ask - what is the India of tomorrow?

Today, we see a beautiful chaos in India, an ephemeral energy that can be channeled in the right direction. We see boundless opportunity, and optimism. We see the fastest growing economy in the world. We see hope.

At Ellenox, we see a shift in the winds for India. And we hope to play a part in unfurling these sails of progress.

The How

The biggest challenge in India isn't a lack of talent. Unlike Silicon Valley's tight-knit circles, India has a fragmented startup ecosystem. No founder can be an expert at everything, and the problem is - most of them don't know who to ask.

At Ellenox, we're working with a diverse team of founders, funders and operators. No man is an island, so our job is to connect folks to the right resources.

We started by building an incubator for idea-stage entrepreneurs. We augmented our incubator with a product-lab for high growth startups. We're setting up a fund so non-resident Indians can invest in future Indian power players.

The sun is just rising for the Indian startup ecosystem, and we're just glad we're here to see it.

The Who

Ellenox was envisioned by two founders from Silicon Valley with prior exits.

Prashanth and Ankur spent years building in the heart of the global startup ecosystem before realizing the untapped potential of the Indian market.

Post-Covid, they left their cushy jobs in the US to build a startup lab in Hyderabad. While Bangalore was saturated by FAANG and VC money, they noticed Hyderabad's nascent energy of lean innovation. Ellenox is now building an ecosystem to focus this energy into a beacon that spreads across India first, then internationally.


We recognize the power of community, and so the 'who' in question will always include you -
should you choose to be a part of this journey.

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